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Story Rumbling

I am a Story Rumbler. The fact is that story is a powerful thing. If you even begin to think about the word you can see that it links with the same root as the word store. I have thought a lot about story and how it works over the years. The idea that story is perpetuated by the occupants of a storehouse of archetypes and dismembered scripts who long for attention and to be brought into awareness is my best way of understanding what goes on. The legacy of history means that we bear their scripts and the best result is that we weave with them through life. The worst result is that we feel victims of them.

Archetypes have the elements as the root of their being. I am remembering the words of Stephen Hawkin here: 'Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing.' It seems that the elements, born of the volition of a world longing to come into creation through time have through compacted ancestral layers of reinforcement gotten into archetypal grooves. As a writer and artist it is natural to feel the force of these archetypes inside the patterns of creation. As an artist I have especially felt the shudder at times as interactive art at play bumps with entrenched living patterns. In setting up and exploring gestalt constellation maps a whole system of archetypal investments are regularly disclosed and plots changed for the future. A whole room of people are left in stunned silence at the enormity of it.

For ten years, when I lived over in Fife, I ran a makeshift travelling theatre project called The Theatre of Dragon Hill. We would randomly visit different sites at festival times, wearing costume and carrying a list of items requested in an invite from the dragons. Well the inspiration for this was from being sent out to stand by a fire at a shamanic graduation ceremony and ask what my path was. A dragon appeared (use your imagination!) and its message was to set up a theatre in its name and work with the mythical realms because the myths really needed the humans to set them free. This was 16 years ago. I am forever grateful for this synthesis of purpose; it has guided me well. I no longer see the mythical as a different realm. I know that you and I have the choice to inhabit our mythical selves at anytime. I also thank my lucky stars for the counselling, constellation, supervision and film making training I have been able to do to continue to open up to working more efficiently with story fields and use therapeutic and creative spaces to help change living scripts.  I have become a professional story rumbler.

I have observed that most stories don't really like being rumbled. There are so many things at play that mean a lot of the material in stories doesn't want to be seen. I have a map of my life which I sometimes call 'A walk with multiple cul-de-sacs'. There are a lot of dead-ends. But there is another layer that goes over the map which can be called 'A journey through the portals at the ends of the road.' The doors opening to other dimensions and more expansive ways of thinking are not confined to physical death.

I am a Story Rumbler and I have found that story rumbling can indeed be a difficult art. Its gifts however are tremendous as the task leads you to the openings to insight and wisdom. Further optimistically, I have discovered that if you can be patient and keep on coming back to non-judgment and belief that everything is inherently looking for healing really then eventually things can change. It is also not necessarily in this time and space that change will be felt. The good news is that we are steadily railroading a pathway to freedom in the mythical worlds.

Check out the 'Story Rumbler' page link below for opportunities to work with Carrie Day on creative and personal development projects.

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