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Director and Actor Fusion

Sitting in my Sunday cafe writing my heart out for the first month of the Year with the Archetypes course. Pluto and Persephone are at the helm opening up a journey the destination of which I have not a clue. I am walking the thin line between the everyday and the mythical, trusting the thrill of showing up in the moment and seeing what the mythical will open us all up to. It's the membrane between this world and the others. It's the film of the imaginal and the inhabited life. It's the curtains on the stage. It is the place I love the best.

So as I mapped with the stars from earth today as I brought in the astrological charts to get a meeting place with the archetypes, a thought struck me. As I wrote from the voice of Pluto the planet and Persephone the asteroid, the subject specifically around actions and how what we do affects the weave, it hit me that actors really are STARS, bringing their cosmic transferences and interstellar shapeshifting into the lived story.

The Archetypes course is a homecoming for me. I am and always have been an artist. Interacting physically and iconographically with the weave of life is where my personal calling and craft belongs. I ended up in shamanism partly because I felt the political approach of most of British art back in the turn of the century just couldn't hold what I was trying to do and partly because I had to find a way to travel back from the dead and find a map when I found myself whisked there when my grandmother died. I had the message that I was going through the realms of shamanic work in order to bring art back to its true place. I did trust that. But then today I was reading about Persephone the asteroid and that whichever house she features in indicates where we hoodwink ourselves, deviate from our course and allow ourselves to be taken underground. My Persephone is in the 10th house which is the house of career. Maybe my Persephone journey has been about the difficulty of taking my artist seat. Well, no more. Thank you Persephone I have learnt a lot.

Here is a bit from the course. It's about meeting the Aquarius archetype. I have attached the drawing too.

The sun goes into Pisces tomorrow but Pluto is in Aquarius and oversees the course - along with Mars, Venus and Mercury. Quite a party going on in Aquarius right now!


There’s no time to lose! Grab your coat, pick up your skirts or pull on your boots, leave your home and dash across the road to the theatre capsule that has landed in your street or local field. It’s hexagonal and has a flashing light on it - you can’t miss it. Ooh look, the red door is red is slightly ajar. In you come. Can you feel that wondrously cosy soft hushed theatre atmosphere?

Hang up your jacket by the sofa area - there is a peg look with your name on it.

Oh and there’s a cloth gym bag full of some goodies for your time here. Pick it up, sling it over your shoulder.

Weave your way towards a light that is streaming through an slightly open door along the corridor. You push the door, it creaks slightly. Don’t jump! Wait, too late! Here is the Theatre Manager standing straight in the entrance of the auditorium waiting to meet you. It’s Mrs Papadopoulou.

She springs from her chair and shakes your hand vigourously. “Would you like to take our Aquarius Planetarium virtual tour?” she asks.

Of course, you agree.

INVITATION 1: Aquarius Planetarium virtual tour

It is a pleasure to greet you in our theatre. Take a seat on the row marked Aquarius. Yep - it’s the front row! I will speak to you from a seat at the side of you and then once your journey begins, I will take leave and move to the back again. The theatre will go dark in a moment and you will be immersed in a planetarium vision of the night skies and taken into the constellation of Aquarius. A drumming track will play. (Quick find one!)

See how the constellation of Aquarius opens and the figure steps out of the skies and into the auditorium? Aquarius the water carrier, snake around his shoulders is here to tell their story. Study their image. Interview them. Ask them these questions, or choose others if you wish!:

“Who are you?”

“ What is the water you carry for?”

“What are you to me?”

“Who is the snake you carry with you?”

“What can you teach me?”

“Why was I born?”

“What is important for me to know right now about my time in this life?”

“How can I express more truly from your vantage point?”

“What is your wish for Planet earth in this Age of Aquarius and Pluto’s journey through your sign?”

“How can I awaken the visionary in me?”

“How can I ensure the living of my true expression and the fulfilling of my contribution to the mythical opening of our life?”

Enjoy your time with Aquarius! In 15 minutes Aquarius will go back to the skies, the planetarium will retreat and the stage lights will come on. You can take some notes. There is a pen and notebook and drawing materials in your gym bag!


Seeing us all with Aquarian juices and mythical holding to change the myths and redefine our times.


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