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Art & Shamanism -Theatre of Life

Today I am hanging out in town, waiting on my car being valeted. I am in between cars. It feels like a shift in focus as the new car is at home and the old one is going to be moving on to a new person. I have been travelling around in my old trusty car with a glow in the dark Virgin Mary on the dash board, asking that the old car feel my gratitude for everything it has driven me through. I have been asking her to absorb my spirit to be taken forward into the new. It seems to have worked as I have made the bold step forwards now. I think how often it is that I link with the wider web of archetypes, nature beings and clear source energy to help these transitions that as a hopeless nostalgic I often find tricky. I think how often I work creatively with icons and message building systems to navigate through decisions and change. It's play isn't it this life? Play as a verb and as a noun is key. Play within a play is the way we interact with co-creation in this theatre of life.

I have spent the last weeks meeting up with people in the groups that have travelled through the shamanic, constellation and astrology courses. It is so inspiring to see people's practices develop and know that a powerful wave of creative and resourced individuals with a vision for the world is coming through into the world. I have spent hours looking at the material for the new online Art is Shamanism Creative Shamanic Practitioner training and collecting in the case studies and reports from the people who will be graduating from the current online training in January. There is something that keeps on hitting the note and keeps making connections with the most amazing people. I think the website must have something like the Virgin Mary on its dashboard too. I feel like it's the geese - but I must ask the people who are signing up what the signs were that led them to the course.

The theatre of life is opening its doors to a new set of people to come and work with me for a year with the practice of the shaman-visionary and the artist. I begin to rewrite pages on the website to express the soul of the filmmaker as a shaman-artist, travelling the drifts of intercommunication which travel within the many realms and I am reminded of the bardic realms of the fairy and the transmission realms of nature and life. I love this place. It is where we meet the muses and where we are taken by inspiration and where inspiration is taken by us. I think about the future of this planet and human existence and I know that bringing back the meaning and power to theatre is what we need to do. As I watch the people, koyaanisqatsi-style, moving around the streets outside this window, I watch to tune into what is leading them too.

This week I made the decision to start drawing again. I have been feeling a new chapter vision wanting to come through and the message has been coming to me to draw it. I will share some of the drawings on the new carrie day film website soon. I have an art show coming up very soon about Becoming Geese, the autoethnographical material I produced for my BA. I have been thinking of how to take people into its theatre. Drawing is one of the means. Anyway I will share an invite for that in a future blog or newsletter.

But for now I am tuning into Art & Shamanism the 14 month online training and dreaming alive the next group who will work together and sensing their dreams opening new learnings and possibilities in me. There are three spaces left. Admissions are open for a staggered entry. Ancestors, future ones, nature beings, animal archetypes, bards, guides, pathfinders, land and weather spirits all combine to bring through the most grounding and creative journey of opening and healing.

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