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Story Practitioner 3
"It is Written in the Stones"


Finally it is here!

After the workings of Story Practitioner 1 and 2 (Story Compass and The Mountains Write Through Us) here we have the promised third Story Practitioner course!

You don't need to have taken Story 1 and 2 to take it - but I do recommend you do at some stage. 

This course works with four of the standing stone systems or stones of Scotland.

It is completely online.

Read below!

We begin in earnest 1 August, intro literature on signing up.

Full cost: £640

Quarterly cost: £160 

Each session includes two group meetings and an individual constellation session with the stones. 

Story Practitioner 3: It is Written in the Stones


The Story Practitioner level 3 online Programme starts  its journey on 1 August 2024 and completes 16 January 2025. Intro literature will be sent out on 9 June which you can use to prepare for the first few weeks. 

Telling and Creating stories


We work with telling our own stories and the practice of ‘opening realms’ through story attuning and four mediums in turn which include:


Edge walking

Wing growing 

Lighting the way to Death 

Bringing in the Mythical


Ethos and Approach


The course has a strong introduction that as well as revisiting the setting up of a 4Directions Story Practitioner ethos, philosophy and approach presents ideas and a backdrop for work with lore and the stones. Each person continues a practice of holding presence, this time embodying attunement within the bodily system.  They will be operating with the Visionary template of presence with the triangle of nature, knowing and trust and the circle of intuition. 


Each practitioner will set up a Story base on a local stone site that they will return to in person or through virtual contact, making a strong relationship with place through this and making connection with the stones of the attunement points.


Concentration on presence in the physical body and body as attunement guide will be an important part of level 3, as will the cultivation of intuition.  Development of techniques will be included to allow attunement to grow in strength, both within the self and in those whom we work with.

The stones


Ring of Brodgar, Orkney

The Recumbent Stone Circles, Aberdeenshire

Machrie Moor stones, Isle of Arran

Calanais, Isle of Lewis 

Attuning to story fields as a healing art


A story for the stones of each of the four sectors will be attuned and brought through by each person who takes part through the flow of the course material. 

£640 OR 4 PAYMENTS OF £160

Contact for details and form. 

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