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Constellating in the arena of Death and Dying 

Here is the Death and Dying in person work that I am beginning. 

You will need to take the entry Dying and Grief Practitioner 3 days to begin the journey. This may be taken alone with just basic shamanic journeying training.  

Angel statue

Venue:  Kilgour House, Falkland Estate, KY15 7AE


The Light of Death and the Holding of Life:  27 - 29 September 

Fri, Sat, Sunday (2 - 9, 10 - 9, 10 - 1)


This is a unique course. The work we do is very spirit-led and has a remit to seed the vision for a healthy and informed culture which helps people to die peacefully.


There is a real focus on the importance of grief as an initiatory process and guidance for how to support ourselves and others who are profoundly affected by this emotion. It's a gift!


The course looks at the role of the Psychopomp. Psychopomp is a Greek word which means Leader of Souls and is the term used to map the role of the shaman in helping people to die and souls to cross over to the other worlds.


This course brings forward these ideas and helps people to find their own ways of working with the dying. Through teaching methods for opening passages to death, introducing different traditions of mapping the worlds beyond, building our own alliances with psychopomp guides, exploring relationships with those on the other side and opening tender spaces to hold grief and release work, we move together to build a precious and powerful container in which we can feel the power and the glory of this realm of work. This container is felt on a vibratory level and then may be carried out into your lives to bring to other projects.


The next part of the course is an explorative journey into the space between life and death. We track through different traditions who hold teachings on this realm and work with journeying and theatre work to get greater guidance and comfort about this place. We work with nature to find out from the world of nature beings and the stars how to enter and safely come back from these realms and also how to live more easily with these realms being a part of our everyday map. 

We look at how certain traditions and practitioners have worked with grief and explore its impact on our own lives. 


Models of holding a container for grief and practices for allowing the expression and the movement of grief are introduced.  


We practice a simple but strong and effective way of grief counselling and feel the power of the actor holding space for others when we set up a spiritual holding dimension. We work with the notion of pillars of light and guardian space holders.  


This training has the power to heal and allow a lot of material in each of the people who come along to the training. 

This course will cover:

  • The meaning of psychopomp

  • Journeying to connect with a main psychopomp guide to help with this work

  • Teaching group psychopomp session

  • How to set clear boundaries and intention with this work

  • The importance of keeping clear,  working with body protectors,  being spirit led

  • The importance of checking whether to work alone or with others

  • Exploring the stages after death

  • Exploring dreaming and the realms of beyond life through dream work

  • Looking at the Buddhist bardo 49 day practice as a model of helping the soul to cross

  • Setting up grief ceremony

  • Soul loss for those who are left behind and how to help

  • The importance of mourning

  • Teaching ways to help the living after loved ones have died

  • Setting up prayer lists

  • Journeying to the psychopomp beings of different traditions

  • Asking what is needed in these times and in different communities

  • Building a vision for holding the dying and their loved ones for these times

  • Introducing the weekly listening to the world’s calling journal work for Year 3

  • Grief Tending

  • Counselling techniques for space holding

     £350 includes meals on Friday and Saturday 

Contact for details or to book a place.

A £150 deposit is required to secure a space. ​​

FOLLOWING  COURSES AUTUMN 2024 AND WINTER 2025 (Fri 6 - 9; Sat 10 - 8 pm) with Maggie Mckeen

- Constellating with grief and the ancestors 

-Constellating with the psychopomps - preparing for death

-Constellating with life stages - putting dying into context with life

Dates and costs to be announced soon

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