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constellation therapy and training



The prototype for wholeness template's philosophy is the culmination of many years of study of the creative process through:

* Being an artist, taking the subject of art's energy field into a Master's thesis

* Working in education with young children, observing and facilitating their learning and uniqueness within mainstream, multi-cultural, Steiner, Montessori and outdoor education environments 

* Studying shamanism, counselling and constellation practice; seeing how systems and fields interact and lay over one another

* Running a school of Creative Visionary practice - Leading workshops working with group process and developing the wholeness template 

* Writing five books on creative process and story fields

Wholeness template has become a philosophy and ethos that I bring to groups and individuals as I support facilitation of safe and study environments for creative expression, self development and group cohesion and trust.    


A Story

The reason why I went to study Astroshamanism all those years ago in 2003, was because of the astro-drama element. The idea of stepping into a chart and representing planets and signs for one another struck lots of chords in me.


It was on a stormy November evening as a group of eight, in a cosy fire lit room on the Isle of Iona that I finally found myself being a part of astro-drama. I took the role of Neptune in another's chart. The visions I had in this space were electric and meaningful and the place I found amongst the others who held planets too was a place I wanted to return to again and again and again. I felt at home.

Stepping out of the confines of this theatre of life is what makes me happiest. When I can go to the mythical and help make changes on that level to affect the lives of people for the better, I feel like I am doing what I am meant to do.


Well, six years later I embarked on seven years of intensive study in family constellation work with different teachers. I began to see that there were orders and freeing statements that could be followed to allow a flow to unlock. There was a way of setting up small theatres of representatives to unblock systems, much like in plumbing, for a person to become more healthy. This correlated with what I had learnt about there being a natural way to ensure a flow when I worked within a Montessori education school as an Artist.

I began to play with these findings through art work, setting up theatres in Fife where I used to live and listening to the mythical stories of the land. I was guided that this helped to free deeper stories that were having an impact on the inhabitants of the place. The results felt strong.  Eventually, in 2015, I set up what I first called 'Circle of Light' sessions with clients, using counselling skills I was learning on my MSc in Pluralistic counselling and following the lead of whatever the client brought in. I learned to trust the people I was working with first and foremost for being the authority on their stories and preferred routes, whilst holding huge faith and reverence for what I had learnt about the constellation orders, statements and entanglements from Hellinger and other teachers. I brought in what I had learnt from NVC about the power of bringing empathic resonance into a story.


I used the ability to tune into the ancestral and spiritual planes that I had developed in my shamanic work. A highly intuitive practice developed. I would bring in what I then called 'Pillars of Listening'. They would hold listening in the ancestral and mythical spaces which had up until then been trapped in time. The effect and pressure in present times was understandably massive. The freeing of ancestral trauma and emotion was palpable in the client.

I developed a system working with the 'wholeness template', bringing in author, lifeline, ancestral and mythical realms so that we could go wherever was calling most strongly in the person's way. I started to see just how intertwined the stories of nature, humans, stars and all systems are. I started to appreciate nature more and more as members of the web who wanted to be brought in. In time the pillars of light transformed to be anything that wanted to come in - trees; dark; storm, magpie; a harp maybe. It made sense on a mythical level and people would heal.

In 2021 I returned to study in my original role as an artist-filmmaker in order to weave with story primarily as an artist once more.  In the accelerated degree my work as a writer and director (with the cinematography and editing skills in there too) took me into researching how to create healthy environments for crew and actors in a creative process.  The family constellation orders and statements continue to be the bedrock of the practice for me. Thanks to the people I have worked with and the intuitive process and guidance, the wholeness template practice has come into being as a complete and unique methodology which these days I apply to working environments and artistic process. Wholeness template work heals because it understands that everything wants to belong together again really and our feelings of isolation are of a wider myth that needs to take a place alongside the personal story. We are worlds within worlds. The visionaries are the ones who can help people to open up these worlds again.

I have developed the bones of a vibrant and thorough practice working with others to deepen understandings of the creative process, the healing of trauma and the release of fates and burdens, but most of all to free our power to be able to live the lives of our own choosing, change scripts and transform systems.

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