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Costume Parade

The Shamanic Theatre

How would you like to take part in a brand new year long online practitioner course in the art of Shamanic theatre?


With a year's programme of material, including an extra two months of prep for those who sign up straight away, you will enter into  twelve months of deep, fun, life-sifting, drama observing, creativity inspiring and life changing wonder!


The course will include costume making (or finding); character creation; ceremony opening; story making; astrology reading;  archetypal nature tracking; animal archetype shapeshifting; constellation theory and mapping; play writing; psychodynamic mirroring therapy learning; mindfulness and breathwork; counselling; information sharing from different traditions through time and an in depth and collective muse into what shamanic theatre means in 2024, and how we are being called to bring it through.  

See below for the course structure. 

12 spaces

Cost: £1200  total or £300 for each quarter.

2 group Zoom calls (1 hour 30 mins) and 1 individual session each quarter.

Content and curriculum outline

2024 & 2025 

Emailed literature with: 


Putting SHAMANIC THEATRE into context

Considering Actor; Stage and Storyfields

Getting materials and props in order

Setting up with mindfulness and journeying practices

Printing birth chart and basic learning of planets and signs

June 1 - 30 - Space setting and session holding information and practice

(1 group zoom call)

June 20 - Sept 22


Emailed literature with:

Solstice gateways

Actor craft: Psychodynamic mirroring

Stage of the Original Beings

Stage of the Masculine Descent

THEATRE of the Expressive

Costume around the world

Fire Archetype individual session


(2 group zoom calls)

Sept 22 - Dec 21


Emailed literature with:

Equinox gateways

Actor craft: Melancholic and keening

Stage of the Ancestors

Stage of the Feminine Cave and the masculine other worlds

THEATRE of the Emotions

Theatre around the world

Water Archetype individual session

COUNSELLOR as fourth wall theatre safe guarder

(2 group zoom calls)

Dec 21 - Mar 20


Emailed literature with

Solstice gateways

Actor craft: embodiment

Stage of the Mythical

Stage of the Animal beings in the other realms

THEATRE of the shapeshifter

Constellation theory 

Earth archetype individual session

ACTIONING as medicine

(2 group zoom calls)

Mar 20 - 21 June 2025

Equinox gateways

Actor craft: movement

Stage of the Nature beings

Stage of the Power to Manifest

THEATRE of the mind and breath

Play writing 

Air archetype individual session

SOUND MAKER as paradigm shifter

(2 group zoom calls)

Contact for form and details and to reserve your place.

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