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1: 1 Constellation sessions 

1 : 1  Constellation Sets 
Read below for Standard Quad and 5 Point Astrological Sets

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A quad is a set of 4 sessions!


An individual session programme that is designed to bring through the strength and affinities of the ancestors in particular. If you are ready to have your way of being in the world and the vision you hold receive support and recognition - this could be the set for you. It is great for getting in touch with the ancestors who you resonate with.  This aspect of the practice has been tremendous at opening up courage and flow for lots of previous clients.   The energy of unknown tribes has been known to be released!

4 Sessions each 1 hour 10 mins by Zoom  



Working individually with the chart and your arcehtypes

5 session block 


£100 off for first 5 block of sessions booked and paid for before end of July


Sessions working with constellation practice and your birth chart!

The process is fascinating.  We work with setting up a careful and attentive listening space,  see what feels like it is calling for constellating and support and then dive into the Earth Ensemble model of constellation therapy in our sessions to create a space for unconscious entanglements and programmes to be given the chance to be seen and released.  The knowing field guides the work through the ancestral lines, the body, the lifeline, the archetypal and the orders of love.

The Earth Ensemble Wheel sessions are developed through working with the wheel as a model and and combining the constellation and systemic ritual methods introduced to me by the many brilliant constellation teachers I have trained with over the years.  These sessions are also strongly influenced by Marshall Rosenberg's work, the chair therapy work of Hal and Sidra Stone and the Pluralistic counselling training I have received.

These sessions have been extremely effective and have brought great positive change to people I have worked with.  

Email for form and details. 

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