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Earth and Space

Astrology Constellation online 
Practitioner 2 Year Training

Commencing with full group 1 November 2024 - Intro literature and Module 0 begins on signing up.


Modules 1 – 9

8 X 6 week courses each with 2 zoom classes and 1 individual session and one module that works around the wheel of the year.  Payable in 9 instalments of £260.

An online course teaching systemic astrology constellation practitioner work.  You will leave the course equipped and insured to work with people and land. 

In a carefully mentored programme of an emailed set of literature and course work with an added two group meetings by zoom and an individual session by zoom, you can feel like you can be part of a wider course and also able to undertake individual study.


The individual session gives you a taster of the type of work you will be able to step into if you go on to take the full programme. 

Here is the content and dates for the modules:


Modules 1 - 4 (Foundation)  


Module 0 continuing 1 year self study (144 combinations of sun and moon signs).  Your own manual for charting and reading the archetypes of the sun and moon. 


Module 1:  Planets and the Part 1 (Intro to the chart, Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mars and Venus)

Module 2:  Charting Sky  (Intro and major constellations, life events and myth)

Module 3:  Planets and the Chart Part 2 (Intro to house systems, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto)

Module 4:  Charting Life (Intro to Karma, Aspects, South node, North node, Chiron and Earth)​

Modules 5 - 8 (Practitioner)

Module 5:  Mythical Theatre in Visionary Astrology Practice

Module 6: Rhythms, sounds and art work in  Visionary Astrology Practice

Module 7:  Visionary Astrology Prescriptions with Nature and land

Module 8:  The Visionary Astrology Practitioner Handbook

Cost £260 per module (or £200 for first three modules if module 0 and 1 paid in full by 31 July.)  

Contact to book a place and/or to receive the form and info. 


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